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Therefore, of all payment methods, the only with.

  • CryptoCloud

There are no other payment methods. CRYPTO ONLY!!!

IMPORTANT! Payment in ED_launcher.exe inside now…

Sorry, guys… It’s not my fault, but the banksters.

ETACS Decoder (2024)


*Unzip to Folder
*Password: 123123
*Add ED-Folder to Firewall exception
*Run ED_Launcher.exe
*Registration in the App.
*Payment in ED_Launcher

for any Windows
latest version at 15.09.2020 07:45UTC
last update at 15.06.2024 12:06UTC

MUTConfig 1.0.5

Download not available

Utility for MUT-III SE ( up to PRE-19031)
under J2534 or Lexia (for Win32 only!)



Driver for Toyota Mini-VCI adapter for
EtacsDecoder for any windows