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ETACS Decoder


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for any Windows
latest version at 15.09.2020 07:45UTC

MUTConfig 1.0.5

Download not available

Utility for MUT-III SE ( up to PRE-19031)
under J2534 or Lexia (for Win32 only!)



Driver for Toyota Mini-VCI adapter for
EtacsDecoder for any windows

With quiet regret I have to announce that on December 31, 2024, the EtacsDecoder project will be closed and the server will be liquidated.

Thus, from January 1, 2025, the program will not work.

Everyone who has tokens left on their balance for the remaining time needs to use them somehow. ED does not and never has had any refunds due to various reasons.

But there is also good news. I have the opportunity to make the server publicly available, making this program local and not requiring the Internet for everyone to use.

Or maybe it will be a limited number of participants who will be able to take possession of the server.

Whether I will do this is another question. While I have time to think about it.