Unfortunately, I no longer have a PayPal account.
There are no other payment methods. CRYPTO ONLY!!!

!!! ALL payments are accepted automatically in ED_launcher in BTС, LTС, ETH, USDT, USDC.
NO PAYPAL AND ANY FIAT. Don’t ask me!!!

After payment, inform in Telegram @EarlVadim

BUY CRYPTO with BankCard with Telegram Bot @wallet

or BankCard, ApplePay, GooglePay on Binance (or BitPay)

5 Tokens5 usd
10 Tokens9 usd
20 Tokens17 usd
50 Tokens40 usd
1 week Personal Unlimit (for 3 VIN)7 usd
2 week Personal Unlimit (for 3 VIN)12 usd
1 week Unlimit (for 20 VIN)25 usd
2 week Unlimit (for 20 VIN)45 usd

BTC: bitcoin:bc1qc0p83e9d43q46mjmd8d909ysyl03q3q28fgvvv
LTC: litecoin:ltc1q46sfp00wdfhczvk9q2y5y565exv4qju7n9h7tr
ETH: ethereum:0x4B8064cED679972F6f184554e5b1BD1D80fe7a5A
DASH: dash:Xcp1ZFGeU4NZ7Jyq4rkbgTrSeJuJ8oZgLA
ZCASH: zcash:t1RjUeC4VMv4PL1z67BUi1xLgdnwNWFYQTE
TRON: tron:TYuhfxmu3S2dtCFi9ATVgjuShDcKNUxcnG
USDT (TRC20): TZFsoK8H82fRcmo4TpGFmKAc57fvcRpMBc

Upon some error, please contact our support in Telegram @EarlVadim

Unlim – Unlimited package for Personal use (under 3 VIN for last 30 days).
Unlim+ – Unlimited package for Semi-Commercial use (under 21 VINs for last 30 days.)
UnlimP – Unlimited package for Professional use (more 21 VINs for last 30 days.)