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4. Read & Clear error (DTC) from ECU (instruction)
For read and clear the codes the ECU must

1. Find below the wheel in feet, connector OBD.

[Image: B0PYefHAUlI.jpg]

2. Connect to OBD our device "Lexia"

[Image: XtOxbkrQ98k.jpg]

3. Connect "Lexia" to your computer

[Image: DWX-Y_FFHLw.jpg]

4. On the device, light on indicator

[Image: UcVQxQxOT3o.jpg]

5. Run ETACS Decoder and check availability of the Internet (without internet program does not work)

[Image: bR2oa3hN0Yg.jpg]

6. If drivers  (driver installation) present, and device valid, then light on indicator.

[Image: sIFfKVP5g0s.jpg]

7. Ignition ON.

[Image: kwVD3iYPznw.jpg]

[Image: kx_dXbU0304.jpg]

8. Click "Menu" -> "ETACS" -> "Connect to adapter"   or simply shift slider from OFF to ON.

[Image: 5i2H10fsn18.jpg]

9. ETACS type will be recognized, along with VIN, Variant and Custom codings. All lights to be green.

[Image: 0Kdw1ST3oWk.jpg]

10. Go to Tools -> "ECU errors"

[Image: 5ZrtYhoKY3k.jpg]

11. Click "Read errors" to read stored errors from all supporeted ECUs.

[Image: _Dj32FiEPE0.jpg]

12. Now ECU errors are shown. SRS ECU featuring same "pegnant guy" error Smile B1489.

[Image: 5aAkEdVuFW4.jpg]

13. Click "Clear errors" once you're done watching them.

[Image: 9XFnQF61KqI.jpg]

14. The errors will be cleared out and ECUs will be re-checked.
All errors are gone now.

[Image: n3jrATcDAzg.jpg]

15. Menu - ETACS -> "Disconnect"

[Image: N5RJNbQFjBE.jpg]

16. Switch ignition off.

[Image: Obf-YbIAYKY.jpg]

17. Disconnect USB and OBD connectors.

Happy coding... Smile
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