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Full Version: Cable owners registration thread
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Got cable? Want to help local Mitsubishi owners?

Post your location and contact info here.
Adding brief description of what you do what you don't could be useful as well.

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Vadimus, Greater Toronto Area, ON, Canada
I have both Actia XS and MUT-III
Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts, USA
I have Actia XS
Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada
I have Activa XS
Lexia 3 (Lexia Office 3) is the name of obsolete software our Chinese friends still bundle with those cables. There is no such device as Lexia.

College Station, Texas USA
I have Actia XS.
Pinsk, Belarus.

Actia XS (rev. /B)
Tokyo - David
Silesia,Gliwice. Poland
Actia XS, MUT-3

Campinas - São Paulo - Brasil

I have:

Actia XS (Etacs Decoder and Diagbox)

Tactrix (Remap - Evoscan and Ecuflash)
Winnipeg, MB

I have actia xs and Diagbox and will be getting etacs decoder...

Will disable or enable tpms and set customer options.
See map below. Dropped pins are general locations of users. This map will help people find others who can help them program their mitsubishi.

Also, ANYONE can edit and add themselves on the map
Post about map replace.
MAXKIT - Aleksey
Omsk, Russia

Actia XS (rev. /C)
Las - Montreal (NDG), QC, Canada
Thanks to Vadimus I have Actia XS with Diagbox (ETACS Decoder installed but not tested yet). I can assist anyone (except EVO and Ralliart owners whose cars equipped with SST transmission) in the Montreal area.
Make sure to add yourselves to the map. I added you Cary5000
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