Etacs Decoder

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Program (ED) for changing some Hidden functions, reading and deleting errors (DTC) from ECUs, changing immobilizer PIN codes, correction ODOmeter on same Dasboards.
Each writting to the block (except for work with DTC and ETACS Custom coding) costs 1 credit (request for keys).
Request packages can be purchased from the program only.

  • Supported cars:

Outlander XL/ES  2007+
Outlander III/PHEV 2013+
Lancer X/EX 2007+
ASX/RVR/Outlander Sport
Mirrage/Attrage >13MY
Delica D5
Pajero Sport >16MY
L200 >16MY
Eclipse Cross >17MY

Peugeot 4007, 4008
Citroen C-Crosser, AirCross
Nissan Livina  >2019
Fiat Fullback 17MY
For the rest models, a MUT-bridge is available for the official MUT-III diagnostic program to work with any J2534 adapters.

  • Supported adapters:

Tactrix OpenPort2 (original, clones)
Chipsoft J2534
Actia XS Evol (Lexia)
Toyota Mini-VCI (original, clones.  !!! for <13MY)
ELM327 ver. 1.4-1.5 (USB for <17MY, BT for <13MY)  (bad choice)
Bosch – Ford – VCM II
Bosch KTS 570
Drew MongoosePro MFC
JCI-Alliance Probe
J2534-Mangoose (Mongoose JLR)
Allscanner VCX
VCX-Nano N52FM (driver VXDIAG J2534)
Scanmatik2 (with J2534 drivers)
EtacsDecoder – CarEmulator

  • Basic capabilities

reading, editing and writing of

ETACS Variant coding
ETACS Custom coding
ETACS Extra coding (non-available in MUT)
ENGINE coding
SRS (Airbag) coding
SST coding
PHEV coding

read and clear DTC (error codes)
reading and resetting the CVT oil degradation counter
setting arbitrary value for Service Reminder
disabling the seat belt alarm buzzer
immobilizer PIN code change
VIN code change of

ETACS unit
SRS (Airbag) unit

RLS calibrating
ABS break fluid filling procedure
ETACS full reset to factory state with clearing info:

VIN (original and current)
Variant coding
Option coding
Custom coding
VIN changing counter
Coding changing counter

ODOmeter correction on Dashboards with Nippon Seiki MB91F223 for J2534 (except for Mini-VCI)

Gives access to work with the official MUT-III SE soft with your adapter for diagnostic and service procedure. (See special tool  MUTConfig )

coming soon…

CPU:  Core2Duo or faster

OS: Any Windows version (XP or later)

Monitor:  900 x 600 or highly

requests are charged for:
    – successful coding of ETACS variant, ENGINE, COMBINE, changing VIN, saving KON / CUF file
    – for changing the immobilizer PIN-code, TWO credits will be charged
    – for ABS Break Fluid Filling – TWO credits.

    – Read ODOmeter EEPROM – ONE credit
    – Write ODOmeter EEPROM – THREE credits
    – Save EEPROM dump to file – ONE credit

Run ED video

CarEmulator Video 

Basic rules:

  • Always run ED as Admin.
  • Disable firewalls and antivirs. Just add the folder with the ED to the exceptions of your antivir/firewall
  • If you have not used ED for more than two weeks, download it again.

Account registration is done ONLY in the program itself upon first launch. However, if you have not finished registering, then upon restarting you can change the purpose of the button from “Login” to “Register“.

To activate the send data button, ALL form fields must be filled. The “Telegram” and “E-mail” fields are used for the password recovery service. If you do not want to use it, put any characters in the fields.

  • Payment for packages is done ONLY in the program itself.
  • Available payment methods:
    • Paypal*  (NOT SUPPORTED NOW!!!  Sorry…),
    • Yandex (only for countries supported by the system),
    • Cryptonator (cryptocurrencies, for all world).

      * For Paypals, payment is used only as donation to exclude the possibility of a fraudulent return through the opening of a dispute.

  • No payments are refunded.
  • In addition, each account has a BTC, LTC, DASH, ZEC cryptocurrency wallet.
    The movement of funds on these wallets is allowed for both deposit and withdrawal. To test the program, select a deposit to any of these wallets.
  • !!! opening a dispute on paypal is FORBIDDEN.

MUT Config

Most frequent questions and answers

Special tool for work with the official MUT-III SE soft with your adapter for diagnostic and service procedure. Reprog not supported.

  • Supported adapters

Tactrix OpenPort2
Toyota Mini-VCI
Chipsoft J2534
Actia Evol XS (Lexia)
other true J2534 adapters

  • Supported cars

All like EtacsDecoder

coming soon…

  • Windows x32 (only)
  • Installed MUT-III SE from PRE-19031 or later (for ex. PRE-20031)
  • Any J2534 adapter or Actia Evol XS (Lexia)  (see info upper)
  • Account in EtacsDecoder with any Unlimited package
  1. Download ED from site
  2. Create New Folder and add it to exception of your antivirus or firewall
  3. Unpack ED-archive to folder
  4. Run EXE as Administrator
  5. If you havn’t of account, then registrate it (Read Registration topic), else login.
  6. Also, for Hi-DPI monitor under Win10, you can set property for EXE-file.

Account must be registered in EtacsDecoder tool.

Payment is made in the EtacsDecoder tool.