NEW PROJECT !!! Electronic LCD dashboard (cluster)

I started a new project to create an electronic LСD dashboard instead of the standard one.

While work is underway for Outlander 07-13MY / ASX (OS). For Out-III there will be a separate second stage.

Much has already been done, but much remains to be done.

Already done:

  • Selected the IPS LCD panel – IPS 12.3″ 1920×720 for the automotive.
  • Selected hardware and software – the control program on the analogue of RaspberryPi on Android + the Arduino Nano module for communication with the CAN bus and auto sensors.
  • figured out the data in the can-bus for cluster.
  • created a working prototype for a notebook without design.
what lies ahead:
  • shove the LCD panel into the body of the standard cluster.
  • design.
  • put it all together…

The photo above is an approximate view of the panel. The software is made in such a way that everyone can make a design and settings for himself.
The completion of the first sample will be in August 2020. After that I will make a limited batch for everyone.


For all questions, please contact the official communication channels of EtacsDecoder.

And small video about start works… )))
Sorry. On russian only…


I received the LCD-panel and have already tried it on. )))
I plan to sell such clusters ~Sept-Oct…