NEW PROJECT !!! Electronic LCD dashboard (cluster)

I started a new project to create an electronic LСD dashboard instead of the standard one.

Price for English language only.



  Hi, friends..

Unfortunately, for reasons beyond my control, there was a delay of almost 2 months.

However, nothing stands still. The moment is getting closer when I can send electronic dashboards to those who wish.

Many have followed the development of the project, but many will see it for the first time. Therefore, I want to describe the cluster a little so that everyone has a correct understanding.

Firstly, it is not a factory product and never will be.

The body and the front bezel are molded from plastic on the basis of the standard one, but without unnecessary half rings. The layout was made by hand, so it is not perfect, as a factory.

The back mounting platform and cover are 3D printed.

Microcontroller of our own production for two CAN buses.

Data from the microcontroller is transmitted to a single board computer on Android 9 – Khadas VIM3L. This computer is one of the best for its price.

A third-party application RealDash works on android, which is open to draw your own skins of any kind.

I have made one skin so far, but an alternative one will appear in the future.

Secondly, you need to understand that the use of third-party components connected by a microcontroller together entails some costs that cannot be influenced.

This concerns the turn-on time of the dashboard as a whole and its energy consumption .. both, of course, higher than the standard device.

I had to compromise. If you completely turn off the computer and the LCD panel, leaving only the control microcontroller in sleep mode, then turning on the cluster will take about 30 seconds, if you turn off only the LCD panel, then the power consumption of the tidy in the parking will be too high.

Therefore, both the computer and the LCD panel sleep in standby mode .. but the awakening time is about 5 seconds.

Thirdly, I did not set myself the goal of completely and exactly repeating ALL the functionality of the standard dashboard.

The main idea was, on the contrary, to throw out everything that I personally have never used, but add what I am missing.

In addition, having a set of data, the specification of which is completely open, everyone can use the set that interests him, and not the one who did the standard tidy for everyone.

And fourthly, dashboard sales will only be for cryptocurrencies and BankCards via Interkassa. Unfortunately, convenient for many, but completely ugly and expensive PayPal in my country does not allow accepting payments and, most importantly, does not allow them to be withdrawn. Therefore, I do not have a Paypal account for either the dashboard or the Etacsdecoder.

The situation is similar for Yandex. Acceptance of such a large amount to YM is guaranteed to block funds with all the ensuing sad consequences.

This situation will last until spring 2021. Then the problem will be solved. It won’t work before.

In the coming week, I will still make a detailed video review and post it to this text.

The online store I have already made is up and running.

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