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10. Make payment via Yandex.Money
Type this adress "" to your browser, or go to link  Yandex.Money
Press to “open a wallet “ buton


Create new name for e-mail and user name, password, and fill in the blanks box. Press countine buton.
Attention!  You should type your mobile phone number, Yandex will send it to some SMS


You have a new Yandex.Money account (Wallet). You can see your account name top-right on this page and You can see your account number as shown


Now, you should link you bank-card to YM-account (as it maked PayPal)
Press `Add` buton, and select `with a bank card` option, and fill in the blanks boxes as shown in Picture, and than press `add` buton. Atention ! you should type only Russian Ruble


If your card has got a 3D secure system. 3D secure page will open as shown, Follow the instructions.


you can see your Money in your wallet now, as shown


NOW, you can make payment to ED from "Yandex.Wallet"


You can change language of Yandex-page



ALSO, you can make VIRTUAL YANDEX CARD, and make payment from it

Press Bank card and issue a new card buton


Yandex will show you your virtual card’s number and send to your mobile phone the expired date and cvc number of your virtual card.
Now you are ready to pay ED as linked Bank Card too.


Open ED and select ED-Market


Select wich one do you want to buy, select "Yandex.Money Wallet" and pres “buy” button


After “Buy” buton will open another page like as shown, select your virtual card and type your card’ CVV code and press “заплатить” buton for pay

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