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Small FAQ
1. The main purpose of the software program (editing coding of ETACS, and Engine, and work with DTC errors) free. New users get 2 requests, which for personal use is enough. Plus, every 120 hours, one request is restored. In addition, newcomers receive a 3-day full access to Tools-page (Full-version). Nobody will convince me that this is not enough for itself.

1. From ver ED fully paid.
2. The program is absolutely free is available for download without any registration. The only official place - this forum. Thread DOWNLOAD directly at the root of the forum. Who has not found it.... - I don't know what to say. For questions about "where to download" - ReadOnly on the forum to allow time for read forum.

3. The program works with adapters
  - Actia XS Evol (Lexia)
  - Tactrix OpenPort2
  - Toyota Mini-VCI
  - Chipsoft J2534
  - ELM327 / ELS27 (better of USB-version, especially for >2013)
  - Several other "true" J2534 (PassThru) adapters, (because many claimed as J2534 adapters are not compatible with the standard and the DLL does not support third-party software)

4. Full-version (Tools access) - it is NOT unlimited access ... Read carefully and think out what is not written anywhere ... everywhere written that it is the only access to the Tools tab .. and not much more ... all who fantasized something other - I don't mind, but I'm not to blame.

5. If you are first to pay something, then not understand, why not see the results of the payment - it's only your fault. When you pay at the store you clicked the OK button, in agreement with the terms and conditions. Also you saw on the screen warning that you need to do to make your payment has been processed properly ... If you have not read it - your problems. If you've read, but do not care like - your problems. Someone thinks that it is tough or rough - your problems. All described and warned. All with pictures, as for first-graders.
The choice is simple: Either read, then do, as most do ... or do whatever you want, but no complaints.  BUT, all can be corrected...

6. If you get banned from the server - congratulations. Do not mindlessly and without reading the message server (or better first policy forum) poke "Register" button. The new version of the server is not only says that you can not register your account, but also kindly reminds you your name is already registered for a password ... You can press Login-button how you like without consequences ... but if you are so hard-nosed ... that you need press "Registrate" ... the ban of right. Appeals like as "accident," or "just do not understand" are not considered.

7. For each account, there is no limit on the number of used car, or the number of computers with running account ... until you have the available requests, you can use them at its discretion ... BUT, if you connect your account with a car that is in the ban, your account will be banned for the same period. The same is true if you are signed in to their account from a computer that has been banned. BAN - a very contagious thing. it is not necessary to play with him.

8. Not all coding errors return spent request. Most of the errors - the result of incorrect parameter setting. Everyone should understand that it is not possible to change any parameter on any of the options ... The server takes into account the issued keys. How you use these keys - is not his concern. Only if it is not handled with the program parameters recording (which is an error 78, 80, or no response from ECU) you will be returned to the request.

9. If you get too many coding errors due to the fact that the ED did not wait for an answer ECU, try to change the timeout settings .. For J2534 this option is Read2. For ELM is the rightmost parameter with the default value of 3500. Step changes of 100-200 milliseconds. It must be stable.

A short FAQ will be added .. sorry for my English..
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10. If you get error # 31, it means that you are trying to write parameters with values that are written to the block in no way. those. incorrect values.
choose others, or do not touch them at all. if you do not know which parameters are to blame, write them separately.
Questions on the forum on this error I'm not considering anymore, because this is not a program error, this YOUR error.


12. When registering a ED-account, try to avoid standard computer names and Windows accounts, such as User, User-PC, Admin, Administrator, Lenovo, Acer, etc., including simple proper names as John, Peter, etc.

There are several dozens of such combinations in the program database, and the server finding a match will not allow you to register new acc from such a PC-name.
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