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3. ED-coding (instruction)
Highly recommend, if you have no account ED to register an account ED. How to do it?

1. Connecting the device to the car.

1. Find below the steering wheel connector OBD-II.


2. Plug in connector OBD our device "Lexia"


3. Connect "Lexia" to the computer


4. On the device will light LED


5. Run ETACS Decoder and check for the Internet (without the Internet the program is not working)


6. If drivers (Installing drivers) and device properly, the indicator lights.


7. Ignition ON. - necessarily !!!


8. "Menu" -> "ETACS" -> "Connect to adapter"
or simpy shift slider from OFF to ON

9. The program will identify type of ETACS, VIN, read Variant and Custom codings. All (or only two) green LEDs will be lighted.

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2. Coding

Well, firstly, you need to understand what you want. Examine information on the functions that can be activated or changed.

I will not stop on all the functions. Change parameter of the "Seat material" (is not at all the blocks)

2.1 ETACS Variant Coding
Connect to device (p. 1-9)

10. Change page "ECUs" -> "ETACS Variant". Find parameter "Seat material". We see that it is "Fabric". Change to "Leather".


Double clicking on a parameter is preceded by a marker for convenience. Change some other parameters that you need, along with the fact that we have changed.

Note: Activate all the options you need at one time, free number of records in a day is limited.

11. After changing all settings, click "Encode"


12. ... and then click "Write to ETACS"


13. After a successful write, do all that is written in the message. Turn off the ignition, wait 1-2 seconds, turn on the ignition and press "OK"


14. The program will prompt you to restore previously read "Custom". Click "OK" or "Cancel" if you do not want to restore it.
Note: When recording ETACS Variant, always reset ETACS Custom, after recording ETACS Variant, the program proposes to restore the ETACS Custom which was read at the time of connection.

we must remember that this is not always possible


Show ContentIMPORTANT !!! Restoring ETACS Custom or ETACS Variant:

15. ETACS Custom restored, click "ОК"

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2.2 Кодирование ETACS Custom

16. Переходим во вкладку "ECUs" -> "ETACS Custom (Кастом)". Изменяем параметры которые хотелось бы изменить.

[Image: p7ozuj6pH2I.jpg]

17. Нажимаем кнопку "Кодировать"

[Image: KwEQpiHn-60.jpg]

18. После чего "Записать в ETACS"

[Image: 6UYyxGSz3b0.jpg]

19. Сообщение подтверждающее что запись произведена.

[Image: n8GbosO3tcM.jpg]

2.3 Кодирование ENGINE coding

20. Переходим во вкладку "ECUs" -> "ENGINE coding (Кодинг двигателя)". Нажимаем кнопку "Прочитать".

[Image: WymVUMGd1Dg.jpg]

21. Считывается кодинг двигателя. Активируем круиз контроль. Активируем 24 и 26 параметры (это у меня такой порядковый номер, возможно у вас он будет другой, смотрите название параметров).

[Image: EzC1llgKUno.jpg]

22. Нажимаем кнопку "Кодировать".

[Image: zxY8yBbgXAE.jpg]

23. ...и "Записать в ECU".

[Image: tFd2qyfzfcs.jpg]

24. После успешной записи появится сообщение. Нажимаем "ОК"

[Image: eA9jHidlfzs.jpg]
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