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2. Make account of ED (instruction)
Program needs to connect to the internet!
Also, program don't work without login to account!

So, create an account in ETACS Decoder.

1. Download from it forum and Run ED.
If you have never had the accounts in ED, the only action that will be available to you, it's entering your account name and password for registration. You need fill all fields. Login must be at least 5 characters.
(Note: When registering a ED-account, try to avoid standard computer names and Windows accounts, such as User, User-PC, Admin, Administrator, etc., including simple proper names as John, Peter, etc.
There are several dozens of such combinations in the program database, and the server finding a match will not allow you to register new acc from such a PC-name.)


But,... if you already have an account in ED, you must enter your login and password and switch the "Registration" button to the "Login" button


2. There is a registrated on the server, and you can work with the program.

After the registration will be available Payment methods only. For fully used of ED you must have minimum 1 requests.

<<<  NO LOG - NO DIALOG!!!>>>

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