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7. Using ETACS Decoder Shop
1. To avoid confusion - use payment service, built into the program as ED-market


This ensures proper payment from entering your account.

2. The account in then program must be created and sent to the server (on the appropriate button in the "Options")

3. The time of automatic enrolment from 1 to 2 minutes.

4. When you purchase the unlimited package, no subtraction from other packages are not produced. Even if they exist.

5. The number of requests from different types of packages - are summarized.

Started functioning online store additional requests to the server ED.

Payment is possible via PayPal, YandexMoney, Interkassa, QIWI, Bank cards.

A small rule store:

For automatic Fund transfer, when you make payment, to enter the your Name exactly matches the name of your Account in the program.


Select the account names in the Latin alphabet and no spaces

If you have registered an account at the store BEFORE to read these instructions, no big deal. You can enter the settings and change your data in such a way.


If you are paid out of the store without having an account in the program, you must create an account in the program with exactly the same name as in the store. Then, your payment will go well for him.

All disputes are solved only on the forum. Recourse to the dispute resolution or chargeback of payment system - banned in the program.
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